Afternoon speedpainting.


  1. Hey Rasmus, I've got a quick question. I'm considering taking up art- your own artwork among others is what inspired me- and I was wondering whether it's better to do artwork digitally or by hand? I understand that drawing by hand is very important, but do most artists now use digital programs? I'd love to be able to draw like you do but don't know where to go after learning to draw with pencils.
    -Sorry it's a bit long winded, Matt

  2. Hey Matt

    Sorry for the late reply.

    It is very important to learn the fundamentals, whether drawing in hand or digitally (or both, which I see most good artists do)

    Take courses like "becomming a better artist" at CGTalk, where you learn about all the fundamentals as tone, color, light, anatomy etc. If you learn and practice, then you will be able to draw well in a couple of years. But you need to focus and put yourself into it.

    You can learn all the good stuff and practice them in photoshop if you wish too, it doesn't really matter. But be careful not to jump into the "I copy from the net" trap, as I see many new students do. It is good to find references and try to copy because you learn a lot from it, but always remember to practice and think about what you have learned, and not only copying one arm from one girl, onto another one, and not understand how the joints fit together etc.

    well, hope it made some sense :) Good luck with your art. Take a lot of courses and work hard!!!

    best Rasmus

  3. No worries! Thanks very much for the detailed reply!